Absolute Poker Power Hour Promo

Absolute Poker has been running the “Power Hour” promotion for almost a year now and there is no sign that they plan on discontinuing the promo anytime soon. If you’ve been playing at Absolute Poker for any amount of time in the past, you’ll know that players earn AbsolutePoints when they play in any real money ring table games or tournaments.

What is the Absolute Poker Power Hour Promo?

The Absolute Poker Power Hour promotion is simple to understand and its sole purpose is to reward poker players with extra benefits for playing in the poker room during certain hours of the day. During selected time slots you’ll be able to earn double the AbsolutePoints you’d normally earn from playing poker. This promotion runs every single day of the week and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn lots of AbsolutePoints.

When Does the Absolute Poker Power Hour Promo Run?

As I just mentioned above, you’ll be able to participate in the AP Power Hour promo every single day during select hours of the day and night. You’ll only earn double AbsolutePoints during the hours listed below and once the hour is over the select tables that offer double AbsolutePoints will be set back to rewarding regular points.

· Weekdays – 1AM-4AM & 1PM-4PM (All Ring Table Games & Tournaments with Power Hour Icon)

· Saturday – 1AM-4AM & 1PM-4PM (All Ring Table Games & Tournaments with Power Hour Icon)

· Sunday – 1AM-4AM (All Ring Table Games & Tournaments with Power Hour Icon)

· Sunday – 1PM-5PM (All Ring Table Games with Power Hour Icon)

It’s important to note that none of the heads-up tables will reward you with double AbsolutePoints during this promotion. All of the tables and tournaments that reward double AbsolutePoints will also have a Power Hour icon listed next to the table name. Please ensure that you join poker games that have this icon or else you won’t earn double points during your playing time.

What Can I Use AbsolutePoints For?

You can use your AbsolutePoints for many different benefits and rewards ranging from tournament entries to cash bonuses. There are several different levels in the Absolute Poker Fame loyalty program and in order to move up levels you need to simply play poker in the AP poker room. With every level that you move up in the loyalty program, the rewards become a lot better. Apart from earning bonuses and tournament entries with your AbsolutePoints, you can also use them to purchase electronics, gift cards and many other household items.

The great thing about the FAME program is that when you move up levels, you also earn more Status Points. You’ll earn a multiplier on all of your Status Points as you move up levels, which will make it easier to reach the higher levels in the program. If you happen to make it to the Diamond Elite level in the loyalty program you’ll be able to earn 5% interest from Absolute Poker on all of the funds that you keep in your player account. This is much better then any bank will pay you and it’s a great way to let your bankroll work for you while you’re sleeping.