Absolute Poker iPhone and iPad

Over the past few years online poker rooms have been trying everything that they can to try and offer a mobile version of their online poker software. Some poker rooms have tried releasing a poker room that is compatible with the iPhone, but ultimately it was a disaster and the poker rooms decided to discontinue mobile poker until a more effective solution is developed. AP Poker has been working on a mobile version of their poker software for a while now, but they still haven’t been able to release a compatible version that works.

Why Can’t I Download AP Poker on my iPhone or iPad?

The reason why you can’t play online poker with Absolute Poker is because the iPhone and iPad currently don’t fully support flash. In the near future it’s expected that these mobile devices will be fully compatible with flash, which would mean that Absolute Poker would be able to provide a compatible poker room for the iPhone and iPad. It’s a shame that the mobile devices are unable to support poker rooms at this time, but we’ll make sure we let you know when they become compatible.

Can I Play Absolute Poker on my iPhone or iPad?

There is one way to play Absolute Poker using your iPhone and iPad, but you may experience connection problems and if you’re playing for real money then you may run into some potential risks. If you don’t mind the possibility of losing your connection and being booted from the poker room then you can play Absolute Poker on your iPhone or iPad. You’ll need to purchase a remote-viewer application, which will allow you to access your main computer desktop from your mobile device. As long as you already have Absolute Poker downloaded on your main computer you’ll be able to play. One of the main problems with using this method is that most applications are slow and have connection issues that won’t allow you to stay connected to the poker room.

Absolute Poker FAQ

Absolute Poker has always been leading the online poker world in innovation and always has new ideas up their sleeves that they release every year. I’m sure when the iPhone, iPad and other mobile devices can fully support flash, Absolute Poker will be one of the first poker rooms to unveil their mobile compatible poker software. While we’re waiting for the mobile software why don’t you register an account with AP Poker now and start building up your bankroll?

Anyone from the United States, Europe, Canada, UK and many other countries around the world can join AP Poker. When you sign-up and play for real money at Absolute Poker you’ll be able to add up to $500 to your bankroll for free based on the size of your first deposit. You need to use our bonus code below to be eligible for the free $500 from AP Poker.