Absolute Poker Bonus Dollars

Absolute Poker has been operating their online poker room for over five years now and has become one of the most recognized poker rooms around the world. Since AP Poker can accept players from almost everywhere in the world including the massive US market, they’ve been able to grow into one of the busiest poker rooms as well. In today’s market poker rooms have to provide players with benefits or else most players will end up joining another poker room.

The most common benefit in online poker for players today is the initial sign-up bonus, which is offered by every single online poker room that I’ve played with. Absolute Poker also offers loyal players reload bonuses about six times every month. When you take any bonus from Absolute Poker it’ll be credited into your bonus dollars balance, which you can’t use to play poker with. In order to turn your Absolute Poker bonus dollars into real money you need to play poker.

Every time that you play poker for real money at AP Poker you’ll earn AbsolutePoints and Status Points. The Status Points that you earn from playing poker will be used to clear your bonus dollars. For every 20 Status Points that you earn from playing poker you’ll clear $1 of your bonus dollars. Bonus dollars are released every time you clear $5, so it doesn’t take long at all before you start clearing some of your bonus dollars into real money.

The reason why you need to earn the bonus dollars instead of just receiving the bonus in real money is to prevent any poker players from joining the poker room simply to withdraw the bonus. The way the bonuses are cleared ensures that every player needs to play the same amount of poker to clear their bonus dollars. Status Points don’t take that long to earn and if you really want to earn it quicker then you can simply multi-table micro limit ring table games until you’ve cleared the entire bonus.

There is a 60-day time limit on every bonus offered by AP Poker, which means that you don’t have an unlimited amount of time to clear your bonus dollars. The good thing is that even if one of the bonuses you’re trying to earn expires you’ll always have the chance to earn another bonus within in a few days. You can only earn one bonus at a time on Absolute Poker as well so there isn’t any need to try and claim more then one bonus at the same time.